London Pain Service: the long game


TELEPHONE NUMBER: 020 3475 7799 

To successfully treat pain requires a team approach…

A central London pain service that seeks to address all your needs when pain impacts on your day to day life. Friendly, honest and approachable, we want to help people who are just as keen to help themselves. We don’t promise to be able to help everyone that comes through the door, but we will offer realistic options to try and make a difference. The London Pain Service will endeavour to provide a flexible service that acts as a focus for your treatment. We aim to not only provide specific treatment ourselves, but to act as a communication hub, so that all our patients feel that they have a coordinated approach to their treatment plan.

The long game…

There is no ‘quick fix’ for pain problems. It is important to recognise that we expect every patient to contribute to solving the problem. The more that you do… the harder we will work to help you. Possibly and even more importantly, once the pain has gone away for a few months, it is important to NOT let good new health habits slide. If we do then the chance of the pain returning will surely increase.

“You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic” – Alice in Wonderland

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